When Home-In-The-Woods meets Mira for the first time


“Hi I am Mira” she said.
Home-In-The-Woods looked at her with big eyes, “You look like me, like a dome…a home, but how come you look so bright? So radiant?” She smiled, “I learned how to breath. Breath like the ocean, breath like..” “I want to learn that too!” Home-In-The-Woods said, “Can you teach me?” “Of course! Everybody can do it! Most just don’t know they can. But it is not that hard”. “I am searching for my home, can it bring me there?” Home-In-The-Woods asked her. Mira sent him a mysterious smile, “It might bring you to what it is you’re looking for”. Home-In-The-Woods’s eyes grew even bigger, “Wow! If breathing can do that it must be a magic trick!” Mira smiled again, “Mmm maybe…I’ll tell you this: it is that powerful that all life starts and ends with it”. Home-In-The-Woods was clearly impressed and started following Mira.

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