About the artist 

Diana van der Harst, the Artist behind and founder of Leftover Universe, was born and bred in the Netherlands and now lives and works from her home studio in Perth, Western Australia. From the moment she started her studies in Fine Arts, back in the year 2000, she found her passion and never stopped following it. Since then she gathered a whole heap of skills along the way; Painting, Drawing, Photography, Illustration, Poetry, Graphics, Ceramics, Textile Art and Fashion & Textile Design. Now after 15 years of hard work and studies she developed her very own visual language and focusses on her illustrations and translating them onto and into fashion & interior textiles and stationary items.

“The wholeness of my work is about and inspired by life itself. Questioning who, where and what we are and the things we come across while finding our ways through this forest, this puzzling maze we call life. Like breathing I constantly shift my focus from going inwards to outwards, from studying things up-close to things far away, from observing the small to observing the big…with one of the primary purposes: making connections. Once you join this adventure you see more and more that it is all the same…like they say ‘as above so below’. It is a journey I find so utterly enriching and inspiring that it keeps feeding my soul, my spirit, my work. “

Diana began exhibiting her work in 2004 and since then she has had exhibitions in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Tokyo, Kyoto, Melbourne and Perth. She was living in the Netherlands when during a masterclass in 2007 the Japanese designer Akira Minagawa (minä perhonen) offered her an exhibition opportunity in his Tokyo store, that lead to three solo exhibitions in Kyoto in the last 7 years and another one coming in the Autumn of 2019.

“My love for the Japanese culture – for how they still value silence, their art and design aesthetics and the way they approach things – is ever-growing and greatly influences me.”

“My work would not be the same without my inner and outer travels, the inspiring nature surrounding us, music, my daily Yoga & Meditation practice, the people and animals in my life, my garden, my continuing studies of Yoga, Buddhism, Spirituality, Science, Nature and interest in Ancient & Indigenous Cultures, People and most of all….it wouldn’t be the same without Love!”


About Leftover Universe

Leftovers remind us of the impermanence of life, of all being in transformation. Where one ends another comes alive. This world is full of leftovers and instead of disregarding them Leftover Universe believes in embracing and upgrading them. Radiating heart energy and breathing new life into the lost.

In a Leftover Universe we aim to create sustainable, handmade, soul friendly products that don’t harm the self which is the environment. Therefore we like to use natural materials and to up-cycle the old.

Ancient craft techniques are highly valued in a Leftover Universe. Their deep history speak a language of their own and we try to keep them alive by using them in contemporary ways.

‘I think we ought to surround ourselves with objects that actually mean something, products that have a story to tell. That way we don’t lose our cultural and personal mythologies and we create positive energies in our surroundings. An object made with love and care becomes a talisman and holds the power to make a little part of this world a better place’.

All material on this blog is copyrighted and not to be used without permission. All rights reserved. © 2012 Diana van der Harst

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  1. Dat is leuk om een berichtje van mijn juf te krijgen! 🙂 Dank u wel voor de complimenten! 🙂
    Ik ga keihard genieten van wat op mijn pad komt in Japan!
    Gaat het goed met u?
    Vele groetjes!

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