“The wholeness of my work is about and inspired by life itself. Questioning who, where and what we are and the things we come across while finding our ways through this forest, this puzzling maze we call life. Like breathing I constantly shift my focus from going inwards to outwards, from studying things up-close to things far away, from observing the small to observing the vast…with one of the primary purposes: making connections. Once you join this adventure you see more and more that it is all the same…like they say ‘as above so below’. It is a journey I find so utterly enriching and inspiring that it keeps feeding my soul, my spirit, my work. “

“While change and impermanence is the essence of the universe, Leftovers remind us that all is in constant transformation. Nothing is ever gained and nothing is ever lost. Where one ends another comes alive. Acknowledging this truth enables me to shape the transformation without seeking to cling to permanence.”