When Home-In-The-Woods and Daisy d’Urby meet

 Another drawing for the book finished. When Home-In-The-Woods and Daisy d’Urby meet. What will their meeting (have) set in motion? Stay tuned! Mixed media drawing techniques: drawing, paper cut, painting size: 29 x 42 cm production date: January 2018


I started BREATHING about seven years ago, in February 2010, when I was going through a very rough patch and intensely felt the need to reconnect. Right then, at the time that I was suffocating, LIFE brought me the Japanese dance form BUTOH and shortly after I started practicing YOGA. I love both forms for […]

in awe of stars turning into snowflakes

Home-In-The-Woods in an enlightened forest under a bright starry sky. He is no longer afraid of the dark. He loves it, when he wakes up in the night, to open his eyes and to look up at a gazillion little lights in the dark. And while looking up in awe with all those shiny stars, […]

When Home-In-The-Woods meets Mira for the first time

“Hi I am Mira” she said. Home-In-The-Woods looked at her with big eyes, “You look like me, like a dome…a home, but how come you look so bright? So radiant?” She smiled, “I learned how to breath. Breath like the ocean, breath like..” “I want to learn that too!” Home-In-The-Woods said, “Can you teach me?” […]

Out Of The Woods

The moment that Home-in-the-Woods saw her he was out of the woods. “Hello Homey!” she said, “Where have you been all that time? What took you so long?” pen, paint and paper cut on paper 28 x 20 cm (2x) April 2016

SPIRIT CAT loves climbing trees

SPIRIT CAT loves climbing trees. And you know what he discovered…. Every time he does something he loves to do…like climbing trees…and he is sitting way up high there in the top of the trees.. …his colours change! His colours change…and not only that…everything around him starts changing colours too!! …This gives him such a […]

Don’t you know?…..you are!

“Are you a home?”, asked Spirit Cat. “Yes I am” Home-In-The-Woods answered, “but I am trying to find my way home, that is why I have to keep moving”. Mmmm…yes indeed Home-In-The-Woods looked a bit tired, but Spirit Cat could not help but feeling confused. Softly he said: “Don’t you know…you are”.. “What do you […]

Walking a road meant for me

Have you ever come to a place where you meet yourself in ways that can not be described in words? A place that is so far away from where you are coming from, but closer than all the other places you have been before. It just seems to be the space for you. One step […]

Flying free like a seagull above the waves

“The wind gives our children the spirit of life” – Chief Seattle –