croissant animalis

Be the Taurus
in whom we reside

Be the light shining through the Moon
the Moon being matter raised up into Heaven

Make a gateway to the Light
through all the buttery, flaky, rolled and folded, layered puff pastry

Because the Sky is yours
you can choose the fillings

Bring some air into those vast inner spaces
breeze like a wild animal travelling through the Soul

Breath the Spirit
Become the Dome!

ceramic jar/mixed media work
materials: glazed white stoneware, vintage fabric, merino wool and corn fiber filling
techniques: embroidery and pottery
size: 17 x 11 x 11 cm
March 2015

The doily draped over the sphere was inspired by my own work EMBRACING YOU WITH MANY ARMS made in January 2014

The CROISSANT ANIMALIS first appeared in my work in August 2013 in ‘sketch’ form and model for a meditation cushion.

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