Home-In-The-Woods behind the wall

Another drawing ready for the children’s book. mixed media drawing Material: pen, paint and paper cut on paper production date: March 2018 Puzzle pieces are falling into place.. See my works: building a fool’s paradise and Home-In-The-Woods and BAA and DON’T BE SO HARD ON ME, PLEASE


Artwork I made for @routesrootscom a company in Kyoto, Japan. Techniques: painting and paper cut Size: 21 x 42 cm Production date: March 2018 #artwork #mixedmediaart #illustration#workingonassignment #kamogawa#kyotolifestyle #lovingsimplethingsinlife#riverlife

Out Of The Woods

The moment that Home-in-the-Woods saw her he was out of the woods. “Hello Homey!” she said, “Where have you been all that time? What took you so long?” pen, paint and paper cut on paper 28 x 20 cm (2x) April 2016

A Childhood’s Dream

One of my childhood dreams was to become a Forester, to take care of the forest, the trees, the mushrooms, the wild animals, the birds…. This handmade cushion is dedicated to that dream. A FORESTER’S SYMPHONY handmade cushion materials: wool, cotton, acrylic and organic corn fiber filling techniques: machine knitting, nuno-felting, rope making, embroidery size: […]


Terracotta jar with handmade textile elements size: 12 x 12 x 20 cm May 2015 Inspired by the Japanese Daruma doll. See also my painting DARUMA BEAR made September 2013 and the stoneware plate DARUMA BEAR AND THE BEE made in August 2014


Be the Taurus in whom we reside Be the light shining through the Moon the Moon being matter raised up into Heaven Make a gateway to the Light through all the buttery, flaky, rolled and folded, layered puff pastry Because the Sky is yours you can choose the fillings Bring some air into those vast […]