Walking a road meant for me

finally a straight road to the horizon

Have you ever come to a place where you meet yourself in ways that can not be described in words? A place that is so far away from where you are coming from, but closer than all the other places you have been before. It just seems to be the space for you. One step through that door and you open all kinds of windows. Fresh air is coming in..
There in that space you find the best teacher you have ever had. He is not giving you an easy lesson, but it brings out the best in you. A taste of ultimate happiness comes along, but deep sorrow as well. This misfortune might scare you off, but it won’t stop you from wanting to come back. Once being dipped in this world, it seems to start breathing through the pores of your skin. And you know that if you don’t acknowledge and explore this part of your path, you can live a happy life, but you will never reach your destiny. What to do then is gather all the strength you’ve got, take a deep sigh and be brave enough to start walking. Walking the path that seems to be meant for you.

Of course, instead of what I just wrote, I can sum up all things I find beautiful in this place. But these lines above are as honest as can be and therefor the only right answer to the question what Japan means to me.

And to my teacher, my champion, my fellow artist, my friend for life and eternity I would like to say: “Thank you for seeing me, thank you for believing in me and thank you for showing me the way.


Published by Diana van der Harst

Diana van der Harst, the creator of Leftover Universe, draws inspiration for her range of work from her own life experience and from those beings; human, animal, plant and invisible, that surround her. Her love of all of life in its richness and variety has blossomed into the body of work that continues to evolve. Her work is intuitive, contemplative, spiritual, whimsical, harmonious, unique and poetic. Diana uses a range of mediums including Painting, Drawing, Photography, Illustration, Poetry, Graphics, Ceramics, Textile Art and Fashion & Textile Design thus creating a range of works that include functional objects such as pottery, blankets, cushions and bags each bearing the unique attributes of her style. For a full Artist Statement go to: https://leftoveruniverse.com/about/ For the artist's Resume go to: https://leftoveruniverse.com/about/resume/

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