Nature draws so much better than I do

Sometimes something tells me, I think, ..’I should draw’.. But, when I look around me, I find drawings everywhere. Nature does such a fantastic job, how can I compete with that??!!… And so I translate and show …..Nature’s drawings.. In this picture you see two elements that for me mark Australia; seaweed from the allContinue reading “Nature draws so much better than I do”

Puddles in the Sky and Rings of Time and Beyond

My rug ‘Puddles in the Sky and Rings of Time and Beyond’ is still growing. I can not help it, it keeps getting bigger and bigger. I guess some things are not meant to be small.. my Universe is growing and growing and growing and…..

Egghead – in medias res

This afternoon it is time for my Egghead again. This former hard hat will be sitting in a café, working on her book. I love that! Finding silence in the midst of city’s huzzle and buzzle.. Egghead – in medias res Former hard hat covered with hand-knitting. Production date: 2012 Material: wool and acrylic