Cosmic Objects

Every now and then I happen to find a Cosmic Object. The one on the left is a “Stars in a Daylight Sky” pincushion. Daylight doesn’t make stars disappear, it just makes them invisible to the eye.. And the one on the right is “Scourer Nebula”, an interstellar cloud of dust scourer, that scours dirtContinue reading “Cosmic Objects”


Inspired by the magical, intense sensory experience one encounters while snorkeling, embraced by the ocean water, with the air in your lungs that help your body float. Sunlight, that warms your back and presents the most wonderful color orchestra of the life of coral reefs. And when you swim in the night, every move youContinue reading “NOCTILUCA NUGGET”


The birth of Cosmic Pancake?? A lot of my work consists of organic patterns, I love the organic.. But I found out, underneath all that is something real mathematical going on.. technique: hand embroidery on cotton tea towel material: wool production date: 2013

the joy of an unexpected sunny day

handmade cushion technique: nuno-felt, machine knitting, rope making, (tuft) embroidery, button making, sewing material: merino wool, cotton size: 40 x 30 x10 cm production date: 2013

holding hands with FUGU

Hand-knitted muff to cover your hands (FUGU is the Japanese word for BLOWFISH) “Everything came together really. It was winter, time for something to protect your hands from the cold, I was studying Japanese, I heard Alice Cooper’s ‘Poison’ on the radio, and I thought of holding hands with someone poisonous..” technique: hand knitting, sewingContinue reading “holding hands with FUGU”