somewhere between a fighter and a monk

collage of fighter.. and installation of a monk meditating…facing a blank wall. Both wearing my own made WARNTU NOCTILUCA collage inspired by WARNTU NOCTILUCA production date: January 2010 size: 30 x 30 cm material: cutout digital print and pencil on paper

holding hands with FUGU

Hand-knitted muff to cover your hands (FUGU is the Japanese word for BLOWFISH) “Everything came together really. It was winter, time for something to protect your hands from the cold, I was studying Japanese, I heard Alice Cooper’s ‘Poison’ on the radio, and I thought of holding hands with someone poisonous..” technique: hand knitting, sewingContinue reading “holding hands with FUGU”

with bated breath

Once, when I was swimming in a clear blue ocean, every little part of my skin being touched by water, lots of small fish came checking me out and started picking on my skin. Like little kisses.. This experience I translated into a rug. The title ‘with bated breath’ refers to holding your breath whenContinue reading “with bated breath”


The meaning of ‘dab’ or ‘dabbing’ can be: – to apply with short poking strokes – to cover lightly with a moist substance – to strike or hit lightly, a light touch – to tap gently with the hand The British word ‘a dab hand’ means: A person skilled in a particular activity; an expert.Continue reading “DABBES”