the spinning pilgrim caterpillar

the spinning pilgrim caterpillar

handmade textile object and drawing
sketch/model for a meditation cushion

technique: felting, photography and drawing
material object: natural coloured merino wool
size object: 25 x 25 x 8 cm
production date: September 2013

“What inspired me was the discovery of the ‘Picket Fence’ and the question ‘What creature created this and what is the purpose of it?”

“While creating this textile object and drawing, my eyes and thoughts passed: a caterpillar, a pilgrim spinning his own temporary settlement and ancient symbols used by old civilizations around the world for good luck, auspiciousness, the sun, a wheel, infinity, eternity, continuing creation, a collective unconsciousness, the universe in our own spiral galaxy and to evoke sacred forces”.

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Published by Diana van der Harst

Diana van der Harst, the creator of Leftover Universe, draws inspiration for her range of work from her own life experience and from those beings; human, animal, plant and invisible, that surround her. Her love of all of life in its richness and variety has blossomed into the body of work that continues to evolve. Her work is intuitive, contemplative, spiritual, whimsical, harmonious, unique and poetic. Diana uses a range of mediums including Painting, Drawing, Photography, Illustration, Poetry, Graphics, Ceramics, Textile Art and Fashion & Textile Design thus creating a range of works that include functional objects such as pottery, blankets, cushions and bags each bearing the unique attributes of her style. For a full Artist Statement go to: For the artist's Resume go to:

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