A small piece of beach with hundreds and hundreds of highlighted magnified sand grains. Inspired by the way the sunlight hits and reflects off of the little things in life, like sand grains. See the little to get an idea of the big.

The artist used hand painting, hand stitching and hand embroidery techniques to create this wonderful quilt art work.
She used eco friendly textile ink, cotton filling, wool and cotton thread and disregarded leftover fabrics.

It is 80 by 80 cm in size. This really is an art piece, a master piece on which the artist worked for hours and hours and hours with much love and care…and that shows! So give it a special place in your home, hang it on the wall to accentuate your living space or use it as a throw to decorate your favourite chair or daybed. This little piece of beach will bring lots of sunshine into your home!

This quilt will be on sale from April 2017 at the artist’s next solo exhibition in Kyoto, Japan. After that made-to-order.

Please visit my web store Leftover Universe to find more pictures and details about this work. Click: http://leftoveruniverse.bigcartel.com/product/have-you-ever-seen-the-beach-quilt


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