biboh! biboh!

a black swan feather fell in my lap and covered my shivering body biboh! biboh! read my opposite foot for traces have got me walking here listen to my slower wing beat for thy might channel me singing

cutting the barbed wire entanglements in no man’s land

burst open high explosive delight and emotion a sweet bomb this shell body is bouncing in the lap of wind and time spreading it’s fumes into happy motion creating stars with the effect of an oversized shotgun shell like a comet finding it’s orbit in space bursting in action giving taste and tender light toContinue reading “cutting the barbed wire entanglements in no man’s land”

Puddles in the Sky and Rings of Time and Beyond

My rug ‘Puddles in the Sky and Rings of Time and Beyond’ is still growing. I can not help it, it keeps getting bigger and bigger. I guess some things are not meant to be small.. my Universe is growing and growing and growing and…..