somewhere between a fighter and a monk

collage of fighter.. and installation of a monk meditating…facing a blank wall. Both wearing my own made WARNTU NOCTILUCA collage inspired by WARNTU NOCTILUCA production date: January 2010 size: 30 x 30 cm material: cutout digital print and pencil on paper

Sink ‘n Sour

Sometimes you wish there was a hole in your head, a drain. So no more information could come in, because every information that went in immediately went out. Nothing gets ‘stuck’, no bad memories, nothing.. That would be total freedom, yes?! But then again.. There are so many memories you DO want to remember, soContinue reading “Sink ‘n Sour”

with bated breath

Once, when I was swimming in a clear blue ocean, every little part of my skin being touched by water, lots of small fish came checking me out and started picking on my skin. Like little kisses.. This experience I translated into a rug. The title ‘with bated breath’ refers to holding your breath whenContinue reading “with bated breath”