Water doesn’t mind the fish exploring

EXPANSION ceramic plates sizes: 14 and 19 cm in diameter August 2014

Along the Way

Energy strings…. where they meet a star evolves and in between the lines….space is warped.. Energy strings are souls Stars are where souls meet and stars….matter.. and when you’re not there …no matter …you can just be energy


On the day of arrival I saw her face in yours I heard every single question and the things that you didn’t ask Knew the tricks were no hocus pocus I wish there was more honesty Poem production date: October 2013 Image: detail of Painting I made in 2006 acrylic on paper size: 20 xContinue reading “I SAW HER FACE IN YOURS”

biboh! biboh!

a black swan feather fell in my lap and covered my shivering body biboh! biboh! read my opposite foot for traces have got me walking here listen to my slower wing beat for thy might channel me singing