IN A LANDSCAPE OF SORROWS SHINE BRIGHT DANCE BE THE LIGHT IN THE DARK Home-In-The-Woods, still in the dark in a barren forest, but in the distance he can see Daisy dancing on the horizon with Moon’s light shining upon her. Another drawing for the book finished! #homeinthewoods #seeseesee #dancedancedance #listenlistenlisten #thereislightattheendofthetunnel  #thereislighteverywhere #inalandscapeofsorrows #bethelightinthedark #shinebright #resilience #overcomingobstacles #watchandlearn #daisydurby #daisydancing #onthehorizon #dancinginthemoonlight […]

Standing Feather is my Name and I Am a Spiritual Warrior in Tree Pose

It has been a bit quiet on the art-creating-front. The last 3 months were seriously challenging due to health issues, my body asked for most of my energy, attention and time. But thanks to my own determination and willpower, drastic diet changes, my daily yoga & meditation practice and the love and support from some […]


I started BREATHING about seven years ago, in February 2010, when I was going through a very rough patch and intensely felt the need to reconnect. Right then, at the time that I was suffocating, LIFE brought me the Japanese dance form BUTOH and shortly after I started practicing YOGA. I love both forms for […]

With the right balance you can fly

2D mixed media work paint, pencil and paper cut size: 39 x 27 cm production date: June 2016