pen on paper drawing size: 25 x 25 cm October 2013 See also my former works: GATHERING FOR PICKET FENCE PARADE and MEMORIES OF PICKET FENCE TIMES and THE SPINNING PILGRIM CATERPILLAR

nail polish toe creatures

The times in my life that I wore nail polish you can count on one hand. But, I decided I want to be a REAL woman! And one thing REAL women wear is nail polish…..yes? I see it everywhere around me; in the streets, on the internet, in magazines… So I bought some, thought itContinue reading “nail polish toe creatures”

stepping stones

I’m on a road and I can’t go back it is scary, because every time I take a step the path I walked on closes itself behind me and to find my way I just have to make the jump to arrive on my, heart’s nearest, next stepping stone silver pen on paper drawing size:Continue reading “stepping stones”

I think I am turning into a stone

“I have great respect for rocks, for stones… I think they’re masters in meditation… ……That makes me a novice then….” green and silver pen on paper drawing size: 35 x 27 cm production date: August 2013


The word “animal” comes from the Latin word animalis; meaning “having breath”, “having the breath of life”… from anima; ‘air, breath, life’… handmade textile object and drawing sketch/model for a meditation cushion material: vintage fabric, wool and cotton technique: hand embroidery and sewing size: 18 x 15 x 7 cm production date: August 2013 seeContinue reading “CROISSANT ANIMALIS”