Ship of the Desert

dance like a peninsula tied to my fixed existence because this ship of the desert is leaving for the woods again where it ought to live from its own savanna once more And there I am….packing…again! Making everything ready for our trip to somewhere. Will I find my home this time? …I do hope so..Continue reading “Ship of the Desert”


Sometimes you let fear take over and things suddenly look rickety and weak.. You struggle.. The overwhelming illusion of gravity pulling you down. – Aiyana – Native American name for ‘forever flowering’. drawing/collage production date: January 2010 size: 30 x 30 cm material: cutout digital print and pencil on paper

Flower of Mould

After not doing the dishes for two weeks, back in 2002, I found this beautiful blanket of mould in my kitchen. The image I took/made of it, I used as an inspiration for a jacquard woven blanket in 2007. Mould being a metaphor for when things ending or dying, always something new comes alive. Transformation.Continue reading “Flower of Mould”