The meaning of ‘dab’ or ‘dabbing’ can be:
– to apply with short poking strokes
– to cover lightly with a moist substance
– to strike or hit lightly, a light touch
– to tap gently with the hand

The British word ‘a dab hand’ means:
A person skilled in a particular activity; an expert. But a ‘dabster’ is an American informal word for: an incompetent or amateurish worker.

‘dab’ or ‘dabbe’ also is the name for a small common European flatfish, covered with rough toothed scales.
In classical Arabic the name ‘dabbe’ means: an animal or a creature, often a baby animal. It’s verb form is ‘debbe’ which means ‘walking with difficulty’. It is also used in reference to people under the effect of alcohol and to their movements.

The word ‘Dabbe’ appears in a number of versus of the Koran, and interpretations of the word here are:
– The Dabbe is a moving, living thing
– The Dabbe is the product of the earth
– The Dabbe is a thing or creature that speaks and gives a particular message, which is addressed to all of mankind.

The fingertips of these gloves have tiny openings so, while your hands stay nice warm and protected from the cold,
you can still touch the world outside..

handmade gloves
material: merino wool and cotton
technique: knitting and sewing
production date: 2011

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