I am not a rhythm, I’m a melody person

I am not a rhythm, I am a melody person

I found out….I am not a rhythm, I’m a melody person..
….but I realize that the moment you make a statement like this, you’ve already changed.
As it shows in Quantum Physics; you already change the particle’s course just by looking at it.
And doesn’t Buddhism tells us that you stop knowing the moment you say you know…
Also, I’m aware of the fact that the two, rhythm and melody, are rather inseparable.
Anyway, a few times now I tried drum lessons.
First the Tonbak, an ancient Iranian drum. It is considered the principal percussion instrument of Persian music.
Recently I tried Taiko drumming, a Japanese drum style, said to be started by the sun goddess Amaterasu.
All well, but my drumming adventure didn’t last long.
What it DID teach me though is that if I am going to put my spare time into the battle of mastering a musical instrument..
…it better be the first or the second choice of my list..
You see…I’ve always thought I couldn’t have what I wanted most,
and so I choose second or third or fourth best..

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