handing over my running shoes


Some years ago I saw my self. I met my identical WE …..and it scared the hell out of me! It freaked me out! It was so intense that I paralysed….paralysed and then I started running. I ran…faster than my legs could carry and my feet were bleeding. Blood in my running shoes. I ran into all the dark corners I could find…to hide…to hide from the MIRROR-ME. And it made me sick to my stomach!! Sick to my guts!! How could I be such a fool to run away??!!

Now I am not running anymore. I handed in my running shoes a while ago. They are the leftovers of a lesson learned. I’m slowly walking now….enjoying the view. I don’t want my feet to get burned again 😊

(art object BLOOD IN MY RUNNING SHOES made in 2010)

#surrender #textileart #storytelling #naturaldyeing #runningshoes #bloodinmyshoes #stoprunningawayfromyourself

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