handing over my running shoes


Some years ago I saw my self. I met my identical WE …..and it scared the hell out of me! It freaked me out! It was so intense that I paralysed….paralysed and then I started running. I ran…faster than my legs could carry and my feet were bleeding. Blood in my running shoes. I ran into all the dark corners I could find…to hide…to hide from the MIRROR-ME. And it made me sick to my stomach!! Sick to my guts!! How could I be such a fool to run away??!!

Now I am not running anymore. I handed in my running shoes a while ago. They are the leftovers of a lesson learned. I’m slowly walking now….enjoying the view. I don’t want my feet to get burned again 😊

(art object BLOOD IN MY RUNNING SHOES made in 2010)

#surrender #textileart #storytelling #naturaldyeing #runningshoes #bloodinmyshoes #stoprunningawayfromyourself

Published by Diana van der Harst

Diana van der Harst, the creator of Leftover Universe, draws inspiration for her range of work from her own life experience and from those beings; human, animal, plant and invisible, that surround her. Her love of all of life in its richness and variety has blossomed into the body of work that continues to evolve. Her work is intuitive, contemplative, spiritual, whimsical, harmonious, unique and poetic. Diana uses a range of mediums including Painting, Drawing, Photography, Illustration, Poetry, Graphics, Ceramics, Textile Art and Fashion & Textile Design thus creating a range of works that include functional objects such as pottery, blankets, cushions and bags each bearing the unique attributes of her style. For a full Artist Statement go to: For the artist's Resume go to:

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