And my rock rolls forward

Having a Throwback this morning. Because of my solo exhibition in August, I will be in writing mode a bit more the coming 6 months. Putting some pieces together, fragments of words gathered and written over the last 10 years. That’s why this morning I found, in the all familiair ‘shoe box’, some lines written by me December 2004, 10 years ago now. Some very important lines for understanding my work of the last decade. Basically the poem plus the installation art work you see up here mark the end of a period and the beginning of another. A tumbling deep into a dark dark place and then finding….that the grass is green.
Yes, I came a long way since then..


Oh how I am Sisyphus!
Yes, you can call me ‘the absurd hero’, Albert!
Both for my passions as well as for the torments I have to suffer.
Is it hatred towards death, an intense love for life that is making me a convict of this torture?
When I descend, returning to these plains of ordeal, I’m in recess.
Is that the fate that I’m facing? Is there no hope to succeed the mission that is meant for me?

But an absence of hope does not equal despair.

He says: “Il faut imaginer Sisyphe heureux”.
He says I am happy.
Is that so? Am I? And if so, why?
Isn’t there any hope to succeed my mission?
What is my mission? And what is ‘to succeed’?
Am I stronger than the rock I am rolling?
What is strength?
What does my mountain look like? And what’s the view at the top?
How empty or full are the plains at the foot of my hill?

Ludwig crosses my road.
He waves and says:
“Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent”.

muteness. What is muteness?
Where there is silence there is sound. No sound without silence.
When one is mute one is still communicating.

Muteness during descend to the rich plains beneath the mountain.

Knitted bodies making sounds.
Sounds that evolve throughout a silent descend.
A heart that fills up with a lack of words.

Little paintings of knit
The act of painting creating music
colours that sail on my melody
There’s no sound in vacuum. Sound waves impossible to propagate.
But my body carries dancing colours and observes a primal sense.

Threads sliding along my fingers
Hands that heal little body parts
The body that is no longer still

It is rolling my rock forward

(the original 2004 Dutch version translated and revised into English, Januari 2015)

Gevallen - Schilderij 'n Brei

Installation of hand knitted abstract paintings
Made with LEFTOVER acrylic yarn
production date: 2004

Back in 2004 I still thought and wrote in Dutch instead of English, so here is the original poem:


Oh ja, ik ben Sisyphus!
Noem mij maar ‘de absurde held’, Albert!
Zowel door de hartstochten die ik koester als door de kwelling die ik moet ondergaan.
Is het haat tegen de dood, intense liefde voor het leven die er de oorzaak van zijn dat ik tot deze kwelling veroordeeld wordt?
Wanneer ik afdaal naar de vlakte en terugkeer naar mijn beproeving is er pauze.
Sta ik boven mijn noodlot? Heb ik geen hoop in mijn opdracht te zullen slagen?

Maar niet hopen is niet hetzelfde als wanhopen..

Hij zegt: “Il faut imaginer Sisyphe heureux”.
Hij zegt dat ik gelukkig ben.
Is dat zo? Ben ik dat? En waarom?
Heb ik geen hoop in mijn opdracht te zullen slagen?
Wat is mijn opdracht? Wat is slagen?
Ben ik sterker dan mijn rots?
Wat is sterk?
Hoe ziet mijn berg eruit?
Mijn top?
En hoe leeg of vol is mijn vlakte?

Ludwig kruist mijn pad.
Hij zwaait en zegt:
“Waarover niet kan worden gesproken, moet men wel zwijgen”.

Zwijgen? Wat is dat?
Waar stilte is is geluid. Zonder geluid geen stilte.
Zeg ik niets dan spreek ik toch.

Stilte tijdens de afdaling naar volle vlaktes onderaan mijn berg.

Mijn breiwerk maakt geluid.
Vindt zijn bestaan tijdens de stille afdaling.
Geen behoefte iets te zeggen en juist daardoor vult mijn hart zich met geluid.

Mijn kleine breischilderijen.
Schilderen maakt muziek.
Kleuren varen op mijn melodie.
Er is geen geluid in het vacuüm. Geluidsgolven kunnen zich niet voortplanten.
Maar mijn lichaam draagt dansende kleuren en luistert naar mijn oerzintuig.

De draden glijden langs mijn vingers.
Mijn handen maken kleine lichaampjes heel.

Het lichaam is niet langer stil.
Het rolt mijn steen vooruit.

(Diana, December 2004)

Published by Diana van der Harst

Diana van der Harst, the creator of Leftover Universe, draws inspiration for her range of work from her own life experience and from those beings; human, animal, plant and invisible, that surround her. Her love of all of life in its richness and variety has blossomed into the body of work that continues to evolve. Her work is intuitive, contemplative, spiritual, whimsical, harmonious, unique and poetic. Diana uses a range of mediums including Painting, Drawing, Photography, Illustration, Poetry, Graphics, Ceramics, Textile Art and Fashion & Textile Design thus creating a range of works that include functional objects such as pottery, blankets, cushions and bags each bearing the unique attributes of her style. For a full Artist Statement go to: For the artist's Resume go to:

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