Paintings/Drawings/Paper Cuts

Be The Light In The Dark – We Can All Be Heroes
Mira and Home
Home And Daisy
Come On Girls, Work To Be Done!
Morning Practice in The Field
Mixed media drawing for my children’s book “Home-In-The-Woods”.
Daisy in a field of flowers, a garden within
Meadow Grasses In Space
Home Amidst Elegant Company
In Awe Of Stars Turning Into Snowflakes
Banka Mundi Knocking Down Walls
Be The Light In The Dark
View On The Field
Peeking Through A Hole In A Guarded Wall
Just As She Came She Disappeared
Spirit Cat High Up In The Trees
Loving Simple Things In Life At Kamogawa
Stuck Behind A Wall
Painted Dog – Charlie Bones
Painted Dog II
With The Right Balance You Can Fly
Finding Your Tribe
Dancing Dog
At the end of the rainbow – Resting Dog
Angel Dog
Two Ways Of Beating A Drum
Come my deer, let me love you
Autumn Bear Rises
Diamonds In The Rough
Have You Ever Seen The Beach?
Like Fresh Orange Juice On Sunny Days
Adding Some Prosperity To The Water
Just Hangin’
This Monkey Is Following Her Own Path
Don’t Be So Hard On Me, Please
Building A Fool’s Paradise
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