Nature draws so much better than I do

Sometimes something tells me, I think, ..’I should draw’..
But, when I look around me, I find drawings everywhere. Nature does such a fantastic job, how can I compete with that??!!…
And so I translate and show …..Nature’s drawings..

In this picture you see two elements that for me mark Australia; seaweed from the all surrounding ocean and burn marks on timber and trees from the bush fires.
I did some experiments with the natural dye of seaweed in 2009, and the burn marks I found about a week ago on one of the longest jetties of the southern hemisphere.

Puddles in the Sky and Rings of Time and Beyond

My rug ‘Puddles in the Sky and Rings of Time and Beyond’ is still growing.
I can not help it, it keeps getting bigger and bigger.
I guess some things are not meant to be small..

my Universe is growing and growing and growing and…..