handing over my running shoes


Some years ago I saw my self. I met my identical WE …..and it scared the hell out of me! It freaked me out! It was so intense that I paralysed….paralysed and then I started running. I ran…faster than my legs could carry and my feet were bleeding. Blood in my running shoes. I ran into all the dark corners I could find…to hide…to hide from the MIRROR-ME. And it made me sick to my stomach!! Sick to my guts!! How could I be such a fool to run away??!!

Now I am not running anymore. I handed in my running shoes a while ago. They are the leftovers of a lesson learned. I’m slowly walking now….enjoying the view. I don’t want my feet to get burned again 😊

(art object BLOOD IN MY RUNNING SHOES made in 2010)

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UNION – handmade handbag

union shoulderbag

Handbag featuring my textile design called UNION

UNION because the triangles pointing up and pointing down are ancient symbols for male and female, sun and moon, yoni and lingam, water and fire…and therefor UNION

I used leftover cotton fabrics and up cycled them by using the techniques of Batik, hand quilting, the Italian handwork technique Trapunto, the Japanese technique Sashiko and hand painting with eco friendly water based textile ink for the strap.
For the quilting it is padded with cotton as well.

Size is approx. 37 x 24 x 5 cm so it is big enough to store all your personal belongings that you need to carry with you on a daily basis.

This is a one-off!

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Elegant Company – A Bunch Of Bodhisattvas In The Hills

Elegant Company
mixed media painting on paper
30 x 42 cm
August 2017

drawing made for my children’s book “Home-In-The-Woods”.

A sheep called BAAA!


A sheep called BAAA is wearing its special polka dot fleece to bring a smile on your face.

This soft toy, wonderfully hand embroidered (also the polka dot fleece!), is made with merino wool thread on cotton fabric and an organic corn fibre filling.

Size = 36 x 17 x 5 cm

For sale in my web shop from today!
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BAAAA close up top

BAAA close up legs



One of the characters born and growing within our Leftover Universe is Home-In-The-Woods. Home-In-The-Woods is a dome home, but a travelling one. He is travelling because he wants to find his home, not knowing that he IS a home, that home is within himself..

Here surrounded by illuminated leaves (stitched and hand painted with eco friendly textile ink) he has a clear mind moment.

HOME-IN-THE-WOODS is beautifully hand stitched with natural dyed bamboo yarn on linen and his eyes are made of merino wool felt.

This cushion is filled with Eucalyptus fibers, so all natural and nice and soft.

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Standing Feather is my Name and I Am a Spiritual Warrior in Tree Pose

Standing Feather Is My Name And I Am A Spiritual Warrior In Tree Pose
hand painted and hand embroidery on leftover fabric stretched on wooden panel
22 x 28 cm
February 2017
Standing Feather Is My Name And I Am A Spiritual Warrior In Tree Pose
acrylic paint on paper
31 x 40 cm
December 2016



I started BREATHING about seven years ago, in February 2010, when I was going through a very rough patch and intensely felt the need to reconnect. Right then, at the time that I was suffocating, LIFE brought me the Japanese dance form BUTOH and shortly after I started practicing YOGA. I love both forms for the same reason, the same ‘thing’….the BREATH….ANIMALIS..

After all….you don’t need much to find TRUE HAPPINESS (is) (within yourself).

(Painting BREATHE! I made in 2004)


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A small piece of beach with hundreds and hundreds of highlighted magnified sand grains. Inspired by the way the sunlight hits and reflects off of the little things in life, like sand grains. See the little to get an idea of the big.

The artist used hand painting, hand stitching and hand embroidery techniques to create this wonderful quilt art work.
She used eco friendly textile ink, cotton filling, wool and cotton thread and disregarded leftover fabrics.

It is 80 by 80 cm in size. This really is an art piece, a master piece on which the artist worked for hours and hours and hours with much love and care…and that shows! So give it a special place in your home, hang it on the wall to accentuate your living space or use it as a throw to decorate your favourite chair or daybed. This little piece of beach will bring lots of sunshine into your home!

This quilt will be on sale from April 2017 at the artist’s next solo exhibition in Kyoto, Japan. After that made-to-order.

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Daruma Kuma in a bed of meadow grasses in space


DARUMA KUMA found a bed of meadow grasses in space to lay and rest in, surrounded by his friend the bee, full moon and a gazillion little lights.

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