Blanket of Mould

“Covering oneself with a blanket of mould to evoke transformation”

And there a journey of conscious transformation started….with a blanket of mould. Mould reminding us that where one thing ends another is being born. In 2002 I took a picture of some milk in a glass gone mouldy and turned the inspiration into a jacquard woven blanket in 2007. The mixed media drawing pictured above was made in 2010.

A Leftover Universe was born right then and there. From this, using mould as a metaphor for transformation, a bunch of works came into being such as a design for a logo, fashion and interior accessories, a painting and a (temporary) mixed media installation.

Most left: The Beginning – A digital enhanced photo made in 2012 of the milk gone mouldy in the glass. Traces of this logo design are still visible in the Leftover Universe logo now.

Left: It Is A Pancake Universe – Tuft embroidery on old tea towel made in 2013. Merino wool on cotton. Cushion cover.

Brooch. Tuft embroidery. Merino wool on linen on metal base. Made in 2013.

In The Blink Of An Eye All Be Changed – Mixed media work. Stoneware spherical jar with woollen tuft embroidered lid. 11 cm diameter. Made in August 2014.

“Our tea towel waiting hanging there for you to help me drying gone all mouldy now shaped a pillow for me to rest my head on

Cushion. Tuft embroidery. Merino wool on old cotton tea towel with eucalyptus fibre filling. Made in 2013. Inspired by own life event and the song “Could that be you?” by Room Eleven.

Going To The Mountain

(Temporary) mixed media installation. Made in 2013


Daisy in a field of flowers, a garden within

Daisy in a field of flowers
Daisy in a field of flowers, a garden within
mixed media painting on paper
57 x 40 cm
August 2018

drawing made for my children’s book “Home-In-The-Woods”.
Daisy is no longer the only flower in the field and no longer mouth capped.
The painting on the right (2018) is a sequel to the painting on the left (2005).


Elegant Company – A Bunch Of Bodhisattvas In The Hills

Elegant Company
mixed media painting on paper
30 x 42 cm
August 2017

drawing made for my children’s book “Home-In-The-Woods”.

Standing Feather is my Name and I Am a Spiritual Warrior in Tree Pose

Standing Feather Is My Name And I Am A Spiritual Warrior In Tree Pose
hand painted and hand embroidery on leftover fabric stretched on wooden panel
22 x 28 cm
February 2017
Standing Feather Is My Name And I Am A Spiritual Warrior In Tree Pose
acrylic paint on paper
31 x 40 cm
December 2016


spirit cat watches out for me
Spirit Cat brooch
punch needle embroidery and free hand machine stitching
wool and cotton yarn, bamboo fabric, corn fiber filling and metal pin
10 x 12 x 3 cm
January 2015
spirit cat - along the way souls meet
Along The Way Souls Meet

accompanying one of my textile designs and Spirit Cat and his eyes
written 2015

Flower of Mould

After not doing the dishes for two weeks, back in 2002, I found this beautiful blanket of mould in my kitchen.

The image I took/made of it, I used as an inspiration for a jacquard woven blanket in 2007.

Mould being a metaphor for when things ending or dying,
always something new comes alive. Transformation.

This was followed by a drawing/collage I made in 2010

– covering yourself with a Flower of Mould –

production date: January 2010
size: 30 x 30 cm
material: cutout digital print, pencil, acrylic paint on paper

jacquard woven blanket:
production date: 2007
size: queen size
material: mohair, cotton, acrylic, viscose, with embroidered edge

See also the ceramic jar IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE that I made in August 2014



acrylic and embroidery on canvas
80 x 65 x 5 cm
March 2020

I watched the cows bathing in the River Ganges in India and I watched the cows bathing in a Billabong in South Hampton, Western Australia. They looked so peaceful, so pure and at ease with themselves and in their environment.

“Holy cows in Billabong and River Ganges, the Sacred Land is everywhere”. 

detail of Submerging
Picture I took in Varanasi, India back in 2003
Picture I took in South Hampton, Western Australia in November 2019

Having A Ball & Biscotto

Having A Ball & Biscotto

ceramic spherical jars
dark stoneware, handmade textile, metal buttons
8 x 8 x 11 cm each

One of my childhood dreams was to become a pâtissière, I thought it would be so much fun to make sweets, cookies and cakies every day! 😊 These little spherical jars, for keeping or serving sweets (or jewellery or something else of course), are dedicated to that childhood dream.

Autumn Bear Rises – soft toy charm & drawing

Autumn Bear Rises

soft toy charm
hand embroidery and appliqué
wool & cotton thread, merino wool felt on leftover cotton fabric with Eucalyptus fiber filling
December 2016
Derived from drawing

pen and paper cut on paper
32 x 21 cm
October 2014

Expectations – soft toy charms


soft toy charms – lucky charms
hand embroidery and handmade rope
wool and cotton thread on leftover cotton fabric with Eucalyptus fiber filling
February 2017

Derived from the drawing Expectations I made February 2014 (see below)

‘Despite of what one might think looking at this situation, this cat doesn’t want to catch
and eat the birds, it wants to play with and be amongst the birds’.

pen on paper drawing
54 x 36 cm
February 2014

Spirit Cat – Light Energy Generates

Spirit Cat – Light Energy Generates

Soft toy
hand and free hand machine stitching
cotton thread on leftover cotton fabric with Eucalyptus fiber filling
44 x 33 x 13 cm
February 2017
Light Energy Generates

close up of textile design

Along The Way Souls Meet

Along The Way Souls Meet

energy strings
where they meet a star evolves
and in between the lines
space is warped
energy strings are souls
stars are where souls meet
and stars matter
and when you’re not there
no matter
you can just be energy

– poem by Spirit Cat –
(January 2015)

textile design in picture
freehand machine quilting
bamboo fabric, cotton wadding and polyester thread
(November 2014)
Along The Way Souls Meet
textile design close up
Along The Way Souls Meet & Spirit Cat with his all seeing eyes
December 2014
Looking Through The Eyes Of Spirit Cat

Also want a pair of Spirit Cat’s all seeing eyes?

textile handmade brooches
freehand machine quilting
bamboo fabric, cotton wadding, polyester thread and clay body inside
circa 4 cm each
February 2015

With Bated Breath

Once when I was swimming in the ocean, every little part of my skin being touched by water, lots of small fish came swimming around me and started nibbling on my skin. An experience I translated into this wall piece. The title is referring to a few things; holding one’s breath when under water, the 2 years working on an epic piece like this gives a sense of holding one’s breath until it is finished and there will be space to start on something new & the feeling something good is going to come and you’re holding your breath for a moment out of excitement.

With Bated Breath

handmade crochet wall piece
wool and lurex yarn
130 x 160 cm

Noctiluca Nugget


crochet sculptural cushion
woolen, acrylic, cotton and polyester yarn

A crochet sculptural cushion I made in 2009 inspired by the magical and intense sensory experience I encountered while snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef in 1997. In daytime the colours of the coral and the nibbling on my skin by little fish touched my senses. During the night every move I made while swimming was illuminated by the sea by the so called sea-sparkles NOCTILUCA. These little sea algae react to every touch by emitting light, like fireflies. Little bright lights in the dark. What I thought and still think is so very beautiful about these illuminating sea algae is that they illuminate out of a self defence mechanism and there is a very beautiful symbolism and message in there; creating and looking at the illuminating things in life for coping with the dark. And what this illuminating means for this little creature, just simple self defence, can bring us such a magical experience.

Whenever you're touched you sparkle
Top and bottom view of the cushion

detail view